Congratulations to all Faculty of Science Awards 2019 winners from Department of Chemistry. They are Prof Ryan Bettens, Prof Adrian Michael Lee, Dr Kim Jung Eun, Dr Liu Mei Hui [Faculty Teaching Excellence Award AY2018/2019]; Ee Liang Ying and Siti Nur Fairuz [Teaching Assistant Award AY2018/2019]; Prof Chen Wei [Outstanding Scientist Award 2019]; Dr Ge Shaozhong [Young Scientist Award 2019]; Dr Liu Qiping and Ong Bee Hoon, April [Outstanding Service Award 2019].
Congratulations to the Singapore team! The 51st International Chemistry Olympiad was held in Paris, France from 21st to 30th July. The Singapore team led by Dr Tan Wee Boon and Dr Hoang Truong Giang clinched two gold Medals and two silver Medals, ranking fifth amongst 80 participating countries.
Congratulations to Associate Professors Goki Eda and Zhao Yu for being appointed Dean’s Chair for the period 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2022.
Congratulations to Professors Wu Jishan and Liu Xiaogang for winning the 2019 National Research Foundation (NRF) Investigatorship.
Congratulations to Dr Rowan Young for winning the Thieme Chemistry Journals Award 2019.
Sustainable iron catalysis enables controllable alkene borylation
A research team led by Assistant Professor Koh Ming Joo from the Department of Chemistry, NUS has developed a new catalytic transformation known as remote protoboration. Owing to their numerous desirable attributes, boron-containing molecules play a key role in drug discovery and serve as indispensable precursors to diverse chemical products ranging from pharmaceuticals to polymeric materials. In this context, an attractive approach to access aliphatic organoboron compounds involves catalytic hydroboration or protoboration of C-C double bonds, ...
Electric-field-driven dual-functional molecular switches in tunnel junctions

A challenge in miniaturized electronics is to reduce power consumption which causes overheating and shortens battery life-times in our electronic devices. Circuits are generally built by connecting a diode switch in series with a memory element, called one diode–one resistor. This approach, however, consumes large amounts of power and makes it more difficult to shrink the devices. By combining both diode and memory within one circuit component, both power consumption and device size can be reduced dramatically, opening the door to ubiquitous ultra-high density computing. ...

Professor J.J. Vittal won the Chemical Research Society of India Medal 2020

The Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI), the largest chemical society in India was established by the Bharat Ratna Prof C.N.R. Rao in 1999. The major objectives of the CRSI are to recognize, promote and foster talent in Chemistry and Chemical Sciences and to improve the quality of Chemical Education at all levels. Professor JJ Vittal from the Department of Chemistry at NUS has been honoured with the CRSI Medal ...

Thin film Weyl semimetals for spintronic applications

Professor LOH Kian Ping's group has discovered that thinning down Weyl semimetals provides a new twist to spintronics. The group has identified one such promising candidate in the form of few-layer thin semimetal molybdenum ditelluride (MoTe2). Read more about their new discovery here

3D global aromaticity and a new [6N+2] aromaticity rule

Professor Wu Jishan’s research group recently reported a 3D fully conjugated diradicaloid cage and its aromaticity in different oxidation states. For the first time, they attained 3D global aromaticity for pi-conjugated systems and they also presented a new [6N+2] aromaticity rule for D3 symmetric molecular cages. Paper was published in Nature Chemistry. Click here to read the article.

Professor Guillermo C. Bazan

The department welcomes Professor Guillermo C. Bazan who joined us on 9 Jan 2020. Professor Bazan is one of the world eminent leaders in materials research, among the top 50 materials scientists by citation and impact. He has published over 670 publications with h-index of 113. He and his team will focus on an exciting research area on living composite materials and spearheading many novel applications ...

Congratulations to Ms Koh Rui Lin and Professor Adrian Lee

Congratulations to our alumna, Ms Koh Rui Lin, and Professor Adrian Lee who won the Best Poster prize at the 36th International Conference on Innovation, Practice and Research in the Use of Educational Technologies in Tertiary Education, ASCILITE 2019, held at Singapore University of Social Sciences from 2 to 5 December 2019. The poster is based on Rui Lin’s final year project under Professor Lee’s supervision, ...