Chemistry 88th Anniversary Dinner

The number 8 is auspicious in our local culture. What then if we have double 8?

The NUS Department of Chemistry turns 88 in 2017, and we are indeed very fortunate to receive a big “birthday present” from an alumna who has offered us full sponsorship for a Celebrity Dinner at The Fullerton Hotel!

For the past 88 years, Chemistry has produced thousands of skilled manpower who work in every sector of the society: education, research, health, manufacturing, finance, management, government, community and agencies, etc. Our alumni have contributed considerably and significantly to the development and growth of Singapore and the region.

The Department has gone a long way from its humble beginning at our Bukit Timah campus to be now among the best in Asia and the World. We have endeavoured to do our best in research and education, particularly in providing our students with learning experiences that are enriching and fulfilling. We wish to continue to provide more opportunities for our students, regardless of their background, to benefit from the premier education at NUS.

So, why not gather your classmates or research groupmates and join professors and staff of the Department for a reunion dinner on 27 Oct at The Fullerton Hotel?  Since the dinner is sponsored, the amount you contribute will be a gift to the Department. It is eligible for a tax deduction and government matching. With this, the Department could attract deserving and talented students into studying Chemistry with scholarship awards.

Please mark your calendar and indicate your interest by returning the Gift form now!


The Chemistry 88th Anniversary Committee
Department of Chemistry
National University of Singapore


NUS offers naming opportunities to recognise the generosity of donors with gifts of $150,000 or more. In conjunction with the Faculty’s effort in establishing the “NUS Science Merit Scholarship Endowment”, we are proposing to pool our efforts together during this 88th Anniversary to establish these scholarships:

  1. Individual or corporate named Chemistry Merit Scholarship
    In your own name or have it named after a loved one. A company could donate towards a scholarship that carries its business name.

  2. Professor XX Chemistry Merit Scholarship
    Named after a professor you and your friends wish to honour.

  3. Class of XX Chemistry Merit Scholarship
    Named after your cohort graduation year.

Please note that scholarship naming is subject to the approval of the University.